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May 10, 12

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K.B. Walker is a very good storyteller and Once Removed is, I felt, a story close to her heart. When I read the author’s notes after I’d finished the book, I understood why.
The two main characters, Abriella and Beth, have very low self esteem and they have developed similar ways to cope with their self-loathing. However, Abriella Garside is ten years older than Beth, and recognises the emotional pain and signs of self abuse that she sees in the girl. Abriella is desperate to help Beth, but finds that, as her teacher, her efforts are often misconstrued.
I was totally absorbed. This is not the sort of novel that I would normally read, but I was quickly drawn in by the characters and the plot. Having worked in schools for many years until retirement, the setting and dialogue had a real authenticity for me. It was not only a book about abuse, self abuse and how to deal with these terrible problems, but also about making judgements on people without knowing the whole story. We are all guilty of this at some time or other and it does no harm to be reminded of this.
Once Removed is a well-constructed, absorbing novel, which I recommend to anyone who likes real life, gritty stories.

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