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The hard truth about self-publishing
This is an excellent post for anyone considering self-publishing or publishing with a small independent publisher.
Common lies Self-published authors believe http://thewritingbomb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/common-lies-self-published-authors.html

Story beginnings Workshop

This workshop is suitable for writers' groups. Photocopy the first page of three best-selling novels of different genres. Divide your group into three subgroups and give each of these a different page to discuss. These are possible discussion questions:

1.    Underline & consider choice of verbs & use of adverbs/adjectives.
2.    What atmosphere has been created? How?
3.    What have you learned about the main characters? What were the clues?
4.    What have you discovered about the setting and the time frame?
5.    What questions compel you to read further? Why do you care? 

Once the groups have had time to work through the questions bring the whole group back together and compare the similarities and differences between the genres, noting the commonalities in good story beginnings.

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