Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beware of writing’s “X Factor”

Some good advice comes to us today from KB Walker, author of 
Beware of writing’s “X Factor”

If you’ve ever watched X Factor, in the audition stages, you’ll have seen 
how many people have only shared their talent with loved ones wearing 
rose-tinted spectacles and
 seriously modified hearing aids
there are lots 
of cringe-making videos 
YouTube, if you’ve missed out).

You may also have noticed the huge numbers of people who turn up for these 
auditions. Your manuscript will be up against similar numbers, if you want it 
published. Even if you decide to self-publish, your work must be polished to 
perfection or people won’t buy it. It’s vital to get critical feedback. Even
bestselling authors have trusted readers who read drafts before they are submitted 
for publication. Writing a novel takes time and you are too close to it to see it objectively.

To see the rest of the article visit The Writers ABC Checklist 


  1. Thanks for this, Kimm. Truly, it is hard to be 'objective'. I sent in what I thought was a suspencefull, fast-paced, twisty-plotted novel to my agent. Nope, apparently it wasn't, and I am back to the drawing board. Your comments on taking criticism are very apposite. I have learned over years of both success and rejection not to send off an instant 'hey what do you know?' email, but to reply with a 'thanks, I'll bear it in mind' one instead. But... Is there any other job that has such 'heartache' at the heart of it?

  2. I can't think of one! The real question is why do we do this to ourselves? Most of the writers I know say they can't help it ;0)